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Nocturne Baby Grand Piano for Kontakt

Requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above
(does not work in Kontakt Player)

Characterful grand piano, with a rich and full resonance.


Screenshot of the Nocturne Baby Grand Piano sample library in Kontakt 5

Organic and alive

Warm and characterful. The Nocturne Baby Grand Piano is a sampled six-foot grand piano for Kontakt, featuring a warm, woody tone and true sympathetic resonance.

From its soft intimate timbre (great for jazz) to its energetic loud dynamics (ideal for pop and classical), we carefully captured this instrument’s sound to create a virtual piano that can sound organic and alive in your music.

Nocturne Baby Grand Piano


Recorded at 96kHz 24bit, using two AKG 414 microphones and valve pre-amps

Six-foot grand piano, recorded in stereo with the lid up

True sympathetic resonance samples provide a beautiful timbre

Superbly playable, with an average of 18 dynamic layers per note

Simulated soft pedal sounds great while saving hard-drive space

Customise the volume of resonance, key noises, release samples and more

“Really nice piano this one. Warm and resonant and cleverly scripted, and light on the CPU. Good work Nocturne Sounds.”

Craig Gerard Richards,

Samples with character

Getting it right from the source

Every note is a performance. This piano was recorded in pristine 24bit 96kHz, using a pair of high-quality AKG 414 microphones and smooth valve pre-amps. 

Every sample was then individually reviewed and edited by hand, with noise reduction and tuning used only where necessary. 

There hasn’t been any needless processing, so when you play a note in Kontakt you hear the faithful performance of the original instrument.

Close up piano keys
Close up photo of the strings inside a grand piano
Bringing life to your virtual instrument

True sympathetic resonance

Few things match the texture of a grand piano’s resonance. 

We’ve sampled the true sympathetic resonance sound produced when you use sustain pedal, so you hear the sound of every string vibrating in sympathy to create a beautiful bloom of texture. This gives you an added depth that scripting alone cannot reproduce. 

For full control, you can customise the resonance’s volume to your liking.

Add more to your music

The little details

Add life to your digital performance. 

Release noises and pedal sounds add extra sonic details to every performance. 

What’s more, you can customise the volume of these samples to create the sound you want.

Grand piano hammers and strings
Screenshot of the Nocturne Baby Grand Piano sample library in Kontakt 5
You have complete control

Customise your sound

Place your piano in a choice of rooms by using the convolution reverb. 

Customise the volume of resonance, key noises, release samples and pedal sounds.

Perform with a half-pedal (una corda) simulation. 

Fine-tune the stereo width and even swap the left and right microphone signals to listen from the player or audience’s perspective.

Baby grand piano for Kontakt


  • Average of 18 dynamic layers per note
  • Recorded at 96kHz 24bit
  • True sympathetic resonance samples
  • Built in convolution reverb
  • Simulated soft pedal
  • Advanced settings including: release sample volume, stereo width, and the ability to switch between player and audience perspective via L/R channel swap
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above
    (does not work in Kontakt Player)
  • Hard drive space 2.3GB
    (4.5GB samples uncompressed)
  • Recommended RAM at least 8GB

“Thank you for issuing this very interesting piano.

“I have many piano libraries but this one has an intimacy that is unique.”

Michele Paciulli, Composer